Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Brief Experiment with Elimination Communication

The other day at a baby-wearing workshop, Benjamin and I met a woman who practices elimination communication (EC) with her 12 month old. God, we are such hippies. Seriously.

Anyway, we were intrigued, having never met someone who does this in real life. For the uninitiated, Benjamin explains the concept in his vlog:

So we've been thinking about this concept and today I thought I would give it a whirl.

1pm: Watch 4 YouTube videos on EC while nursing my 5 week old. Am now an expert.

1:30: Bath time. Also known as water torture.

1:45: Wrap diaperless baby in towel and nurse him to aid in psychological recovery from water torture.

2:20: Still nursing. Hasn't peed on me yet.

2:25: Baby makes soft grunting sound, wiggles left leg slightly. Could this be an elimination signal?

2:26: Dash upstairs with naked baby, drop towel on bathroom floor, nearly drop baby in the toilet. Hover-squat over toilet seat, holding baby aloft over the bowl. Don't have enough hands, baby's head flopping side to side.

2:27: Baby is not peeing. Whisper pssssst at him as instructed per video.

2:27: Still no peeing. Begin to feel foolish.

2:28: Thighs cramping. Have clearly fallen for elaborate attachment parenting practical joke.

2:30: Admit defeat. Struggle to stand. Limp to changing table, apply diaper to baby.

2:31: Diaper completely soaked.

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