Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Current Inventory

Benjamin and I got married in October, and we are still finishing the thank-you cards. 

Marriage is awesome and I totally recommend it. 

I have not had an actual clinical rotation since August.  I go back to the hospital on Tuesday, and I am terrified.  What if I don’t remember anything?  What if I never knew anything to begin with?  What if I get lost in the hospital?  What if I don’t learn or re-learn all this stuff before June?

The flip side of being terrified is being really excited.  I have been bored out of my mind these past few…months.  I need structure and work and getting up and taking a shower every day.  I think this bodes well for our plan for me to work and Benjamin to be a stay at home dad. 

I’m supposed to be writing a thesis for my Master’s in Public Health.  I find I much prefer talking about writing my thesis and whining about having to write the thesis to actually, you know, working on it.

I am done all my interviews for residency.  Now I just need to rank them, submit my list, and twiddle my thumbs until March 16th, when the computer tells me where I end up.  All the programs are really good options where people are friendly and I would get great training.  It’s just the not knowing that is killing me. 

I am ten weeks pregnant.  (No one reads this, so I might as well tell you.) I feel…sort of weird.  A little nauseated and reflux-y and dizzy, but otherwise normal.  There is certainly no magic inner biological siren screaming, “you are growing another person!”  I’m glad to have justification for my strawberry/burrito/olive/oatmeal cravings, but those have been going on for years.  I can totally see how people don’t notice they are pregnant for a long time.  My pants could not fit because I ate 3 dozen Christmas cookies this week.  (To be fair, not all of them made it to the cookie stage, yumm delicious dough.) 

My parents and sister (and presumably aunts and uncles) are not speaking to me.  I had a surprisingly wonderful Christmas anyway.  I’m grateful for wonderful friends and a little time and space for my new family.

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