Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!

Hello, Crickets!

I've decided to jump on this blogging bandwagon.  Let's hope that this attempt to record my thoughts and life happenings goes better than my long-lost livejournal of yesteryear.

At the very least, I can pretty much promise that this blog will contain less whining.

So, what can you expect from Dr. Zetcetera?

Full disclosure, I am not yet a doctor.  I am a 4th year (actually 5th year) medical student, and I will graduate in May 2012.  I plan to go into Family Medicine, and will start residency in June 2012.  I am also a healthcare reform zealot, a feminist, and a Quaker.  I have been a nanny and in the future (spoiler alert!) I will be a parent.

Some topics/themes I plan to cover (in no particular order):

- the doctor-patient relationship
- the dehumanizing elements of medical care and medical education
- the experience of illness
- end of life care
- spirituality in medicine
- work-life balance
- physician privilege
- why healthcare reform is pretty awesome and how it could be awesomer
- healthcare as a basic human right
- the built environment and health
- the misguided "war on obesity"
- the challenges facing women in medicine
- nannying stories from the trenches
- the residency match process
- medical mysteries - how doctors deal with things science doesn't understand
- the feminist/Quaker/doctor/hippie take on news of the day

That should be enough to get started!

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